Are You Committed to Doubling or Tripling Your Business Working Half the Time  Without The Stress and Strain of Being Someone You Are Not?


Your FREE Custom-To-You Business Alignment Discovery Session

 Will Give You The Step-by-Step Roadmap!

How does the FREE Business Alignment Strategy Session work?’

Your FREE Business Alignment Strategy Session is held over a Zoom meeting, so you don’t have to waste time, money, and effort to meet me in person.


The sessions will last from 45-60 minutes. During the meeting we will...

  • Review your Business Alignment Assessment
  • Clarify your vision and your direction
  • Clarify where you are now
  • Identify the single greatest challenge holding you back from success
  • Uncover points of leverage so we can fast-track your business toward your vision of success.

Then we will create your Business Alignment Strategy Map that you can easily follow to execute all the necessary steps required to grow your business 2x, 3x or even 10x while working half the time.

                      No cost. No hidden obligations. No strings attached. Limited slots available.

Why am I doing this?  Two reasons... 

  • Reason #1: Right now I am looking for 10 charter members for my flagship product,  Your Business, Your life, Your Way System.   It's not for everyone, but for those for whom it is the right fit, this will be an amazing opportunity. I'll tell you more about it when we meet, IF it makes sense for you.                       
  • Reason #2:  I have two openings for private coaching clients, as of today.  (While they last).  These Business Alignment Strategy Sessions are how I get clients!  I simply demonstrate the incredible power of aligning your business with who you really are.   Again, this is not for everyone, but who knows?   

The worse case scenario is you benefit from the clarity you will gain and I have made a new friend that might refer a client or two. 


My "Wasted Time" Guarantee:   If you feel the time we invested together did not benefit you in proportion to the time invested, simply say so at the end of our session and I will send you a $50 Amazon Gift Card!


My hope, of course, is that one or both of those programs will benefit you.  Either way, I offer these valuable free sessions to give back to an industry that has been so good to me. Now it's time for me to help others avoid the pitfalls and enjoy better lives. 

Hi, my name is Bill Foss,  I am a coach and consultant to entrepreneurs just like you. I've been in numerous businesses, from lumber to retail sporting goods, to apparel, to online businesses.  Also, I have been in the trenches of the real estate business for over 40 years as an investor, an agent, brokerage owner for 33 years and a regional owner of a major national franchise brand.   I have seen it all!


You might be wondering why I would go out of my way to help aspiring and struggling entrepreneurs for free?


After being in the real estate industry for over 4 decades and having coached countless business owners, real estate agents, brokerage owners and  teams along the way, I realized this painful truth:


The biggest reason why many struggle is because they started their business the wrong way...or they have since lost their way.  They try to force themselves and their business into someone else's programs and approaches.  Unfortunately, this rarely works.   


As Emmerson stated, "To envy is ignorance, to imitate is suicide".  That is a powerful warning that so many do not heed.


I help guide my clients to build a business that serves their lives, their way.

A business that feels right, that inspires them and is fun to own and operate.


You can fix the problems of your  business and finally grow it to serve the life you always envisioned it to be.   If you are an established real estate agent, mortgage loan originator or brokerage owner who is committed to higher levels of success... If you've been in the trenches, tried solution after solution and can't seem to find your way to the top...I can help.


I LOVE what I do because it affects so many people!   Let's see how I may affect you and yours in a positive way!




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